Wat is er gebeurd met R2-D2?


In De Force ontwaakt is R2-D2

shown to be in what C-3PO called some "deep hibernation mode".

Maar mijn vraag is, hoe is dit gebeurd,

did R2-D2 deliberately do this, or is this some kind of droid coma that he was put in involuntarily?

Is dit ergens aangegeven of opengelaten?

reeks Zommuter 21.12.2015 / 12:49

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Volgens C-3PO bevindt R2-D2 zich in een zelfopgelegde modus met laag vermogen.

Uit de novelle.

“He’s been locked down in self-imposed low-power mode. He just hasn’t been the same since Master Luke went away.”

C3PO vermeldt de voorwaarde later opnieuw.

“Oh, do try and cheer up, Artoo. This enforced immobility is no good for you. Your cognitive circuits will atrophy from lack of use.”

De novicatie beschrijft ook de toestand als zijnde in "minimale onderhoudsmodus"

The squat droid he was addressing sat quietly in minimum maintenance mode, without so much as a single telltale blinking.

Hoewel 3PO zeker feilbaar is, hebben we momenteel geen andere informatie of citaten die hem tegenspreken.

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Volgens een samenvatting van een interview met JJ Abrams :

'Ultimately, the writers decided to make Luke himself the MacGuffin – the thing Rey, Han, Finn and Chewie are trying to find. And they figured that if a horrific past trauma forced Luke to retreat from the world, maybe the same could be said of R2. The droid’s physical form is still present, but his personality is not – lost in the miasma of grief over what transpired in the past.'

Dus blijkbaar is dit het gevolg van

droid emotional trauma caused by the same event that made Luke go into exile: the fledgling New Jedi Order being wiped out by Kylo Ren. The EW article describes it as "the robot version of crushing depression", although that particular phrase may not have come from Lucasfilm.

Over waarom hij wakker wordt:

'“BB-8 comes up and says something to him, which is basically, ‘I’ve got this piece of a map, do you happen to have the rest?’” Abrams said. “The idea was, R2 who has been all over the galaxy, is still in his coma, but he hears this. And it triggers something that would ultimately wake him up.”'

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Vanuit het visuele woordenboek, pagina 65:

For several years now R2-D2 has not been operating at his peak capacity. His celebrated role in the Rebellion has afforded him semi-retirement rather than the standard recycling the resource-strapped Resistance would normally employ.

On most days, R2-D2 is kept underneath a tarp to prevent the D'Qar humidity from damaging his systems.

As R2-D2 recuperates in his self-imposed low power mode, his diagnostic systems are attempting to organise the vast trove of information in his databanks from over seven decades of uninterrupted operation. The defragmenting of millions of exanodes within his memory is causing R2-D2 to "dream" many of his greatest adventures.

Though R2-D2 remains unresponsive, C-3P0 still regularly talks to him, fusses over him and even finds ways to argue with him.

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