Verhaal-ID: Romeinen in de ruimte


Ik probeer de naam van dit verhaal te onthouden, omdat het geweldig was. Blijkt dat het Romeinse rijk niet echt viel; het was net ondergronds gegaan. Toen de ruimtevlucht eenmaal was uitgevonden, vestigde dit verborgen Romeinse rijk op de een of andere manier zijn eigen kolonieplaneet en werd het de belangrijkste rivaal van de aarde.

De roman (eigenlijk een serie van meerdere) was goed ouderwets plezier; pistolen, uitsnijdingen, captains met vierkante jukken en derring-do.

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Roma Nova-serie van Rebecca M Maluch -

(citaten uit een recensie van SF-auteur Jo Walton)

There are five of them The Myriad (2003), Wolf Star (2005), The Sagittarius Command (2007), Strength and Honor (2009) and The Ninth Circle (2011).

There are a number of things about them that are absolutely wonderful. There are also other things about them that are just cringe-inducingly terrible. I can’t think of anything else offhand that needs me to forgive so much but which remains worth it.

To start with, there are Romans in space. And there are American marines in space. And in a logical universe they’d be fighting each other, but in the universe they find themselves in they are allied against amazingly horrific FTL tentacled aliens. Now, if that doesn’t already have you sitting up straighter in your chair, these books are probably not for you. But there’s also an awesome narrative element in play in these books, which is what makes me really like them.

You know why there are Romans in space, in our future? It’s because the Roman Empire never died, it just became a huge underground conspiracy, running the world in secret until there was a suitable terraformed planet, Palatine, whereupon they grabbed it and sent out the call and lots of doctors and lawyers and classics majors up and left Earth to head for Nova Roma to re-found the empire. (The only reason I know that this conspiracy doesn’t really exist is that if it did, I would be in it. See you on Palatine!)

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