Waarom verdwijnt deze groep in The Shadow Rising?


Deze vraag is waarschijnlijk niet direct te beantwoorden, maar ik hoop dat er nog een antwoord kan worden afgeleid.

Ook weet ik niet goed wat ik met spoilers moet doen, behalve dat ik ze alleen volledig elimineer. Ik weet echt niet zeker hoe ik ze moet formatteren, elke poging om alinea's te maken maakt er een normaal blok van.

In The Shadow Rising, Rand learns about the Jenn Aiel, and their fate after the Breaking. It is explicitly said that they dwindle away, and they do not exist as a group anymore, a few generations after the breaking. But why is this? Of course, many groups die out in this time, but the Jenn Aiel seem uniquely set up to survive. They are not attacked by Aiel as a rule, and they live so deep in the Waste that anyone else will have to fight and/or sneak by the Aiel first. Nobody really knows about them having artifacts and Aes Sedai, so nobody wants to go there badly enough to fight the Aiel. This means their borders are secure. This is a huge advantage after the Breaking. Not only do they not have to worry about the damage from raids and wars, they don't even have to post a single guard. All those people can gather food and water instead of training and fighting. In addition to this huge advantage, they have the Aes Sedai themselves. These might not be able to Heal everyone, but they should at least be able to teach all girls with the spark, eliminating at least one disease. They should also have been able to teach those some tricks with the Power, maybe way less than before the Breaking, but surely useful, especially with all those Angreal lying around. It is implied that they made the buildings in Rhuidean and made the glass column Ter'Angreal, so they should have been able to teach a bit, too.

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Het glas ter'angreal toont voorouderlijke herinneringen. De voorouders van Rand zijn als volgt, in chronologische volgorde, ervan uitgaande dat "grootvader" "grootvader" betekent:

Charn - > (3 generaties) - > Coumin - > Jonai - > Adan - > (?) - > Lewin - > Jeordam - > (?) - > Rhodric - > (?) - > Mandein - > (???) - > Rand.

Enkele opvallende aspecten van de afkomst van Rand: Charn diende rechtstreeks onder Mierin en onthoudt haar

drilling the Bore. Mierin is, of course, Lanfear.

Jonai is degene die door Solinda Sedai wordt opgedragen om de caravan mee te nemen.

Hun verhalen worden in omgekeerde chronologische volgorde verteld, waardoor het moeilijk is om te volgen, maar de opmerkelijke passages om je vragen te beantwoorden komen uit de verhalen van Adan en Jonai:

"When had Esole died? So little to be laid in a hastily dug hole, wasted with sickness there was no Aes Sedai to Heal." (Chapter 26)

Ze komen dan een groep Ogier tegen en Jonai's gedachten dwalen af:

How long since he had seen an Aes Sedai? Just after Alnora [his wife] died. Too late for Alnora. The woman had Healed the sick who still lived, taken some of the sa'angreal, and gone on her way, laughing bitterly when he asked her where there was a place of safety. (Chapter 26)

Met name in Jonai's eerste verschijning, wanneer hij wordt beschuldigd van de caravan van angreal , sa'angreal en ter'angreal , het beschrijft Adan als zijnde 10 en Esole spelen met een pop, dus mijn conclusie is dat Aes Sedai de caravan niet vergezelde.

Vervolgens (of eerder), in de herinneringen van Adan,

the caravan is attacked. Another member of the caravan, Sulwin, unloads some of the artifacts from the caravan, looking for supplies, claiming the Aes Sedai will never come. In fact, he claims that he and his companions "mean to find a place where we can be safe, and sing again," (Chapter 26). The likely conclusion is that Sulwin's followers become the Tinkers.

Lewin, natuurlijk

is the first to be cast out for killing with a spear, claiming that he is still Aiel. Presumably, he follows the caravan of the Jenn. Some of the Jenn begin to abandon the Way, notably Jeordam's wife Morin, who is the progenitor of the Maidens of the Spear and probably the Wise Ones, as she takes up a spear and mentions seeing Jeordam's face "in the dream."

Tegen de tijd van Rhodric is de splitsing nog uitgesprokener:

"We guard the Jenn," Jeordam said. "It is they who travel with Aes Sedai."

en toch:

The Aes Sedai made Rhodric very nervous, though he kept his face blank. They were only four, not dozens, but enough to make him remember stories that the Aiel had failed the Aes Sedai in some way that no one knew. (Chapter 25)

Dus sommige Aes Sedai komen op een gegeven moment samen met de caravan, maar het is duidelijk dat ze heel oud zijn.

Tegen de tijd dat ze



De Jenn beseffen dat ze niet zullen overleven en roepen de Aiel naar hen toe en leggen uit:

"'Why do you not carry a sword?' That drew angry mutters. 'It is forbidden,' Mandein growled. 'Even Jenn should know that.' 'You do not know why,' Mordaine said, and Narisse added, 'There is too much you do not know. Yet you must know.'" (Chapter 25)

Ze laden vervolgens de Aiel op met

Coming to Rhuidean for those who wish to lead to learn why they do not carry swords.

De twee oude Aes Sedai-profetieën over de komst van de Draak en zijn daaropvolgende vernietiging van de Aiel, en de Jenn-vertegenwoordigers vertellen hen dat ze moeten voldoen, voor:

"'Our days dwindle. [...] A day will come when the Jenn are no more, and only you will remain to remember the Aiel. You must remain, or all is for nothing, and lost.' [...] 'It is our purpose,' Dermon replied calmly. 'For long years we searched for this place, and now we prepare it, if not for the purpose we once thought.'"

Dus accepteren ze hun lot, op ware Jenn Aiel-manier, zoals Adan tegen Lewin schreeuwt,

"'We must accept what comes. Our sufferings are sent to test our faithfulness. We accept and endure!'"

Of zoals Solinda Sedai tegen Jonai zegt:

"'Do you know what happened to the Aiel at Tzora? [...] Ten thousand Aiel linking arms and singing, trying to remind a madman of who they were and who he had been, trying to turn him with their bodies and a song. [...] he stood there, staring as though at a puzzle, killing them, and they kept closing their lines and singing.'"

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